🇬🇧 Sport street art wall

🇬🇧 Sport street art wall

The «Sport Mural» was born from an idea by Dino Bonfiglio, sponsored by the municipal administration and created by the street artist Antonio Maria.

The creation of this mural, as the creator says “takes on both a personal value, in memory of his father who died prematurely in 2007 due to cancer, and a social one, with the aim of raising awareness among the local population on the issues of health and prevention of tumors”

The artist thought of a man who runs, running as a symbol of sport, but also as the path of a man who tries to overcome the obstacles that life presents to him, the colors instead are stimuli of life, which transform from straight lines in hearts symbolizing health.

The mural, made with non-toxic materials, was the first to have a QR code that leads to this information page in dual languages. (Italian and English)

The artistic installation, inaugurated on 15 October 2023, is located along Corso Umberto I, between numbers 554 and 556

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