Gino Bonfiglio naturalistic foot-cycle path

The Gino Bonfiglio naturalistic  foot-cycle path is located in Leonforte. It is a approximately 2 km long path that runs through the untouched nature of the northwest slopes of the city. The trail can be explored on foot or by bike (MTB, Trekking, and Gravel). You can choose either of the two entrances, one located on Papa Paolo VI street and the other in the “Casino Capra” area at the intersection of Catenanuova street and Trapani street.

This enchanting trail, besides being immersed in nature, offers breathtaking views of the bucolic landscapes of lush valleys and the imposing mountains of the Erei range, with the majestic presence of Mount Altesina and its green nature reserve.

The trail can be traversed linearly from one of the entrances (2 km) or in a circular loop (3 km), continuing through an urban section (safely on the sidewalks of dei Cento Comuni d’Italia street, Don Bosco street, N. Buttafuoco street, and Papa Paolo VI street) that connects the two entrances.

The implementation of the trail was made possible thanks to the valuable collaboration of Dr. Dino Bonfiglio (the creator of the urban trekking trail “Le Vie del Principe”), who not only traced the new route but also, together with the “DB fitness club” association, of which he is the president, installed the vertical signage at the trail entrances.

The municipal administration, through Resolution No. 59 of May 22, 2023, established the trail and named it “Gino Bonfiglio naturalistic foot cycle path”.

Gino Bonfiglio was a “leonfortese” football player who passed away prematurely in 2007. The news described him as “the iron full-back,” an athlete who contributed greatly to the Leonfortese football team in the ’70s. He was admired for his determination and willingness to stop the opponent at all costs.

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